Taiko Music Video!

Hello friends! It’s me, Daiki! This time I am going to share about what happened and what me and my friends at Mangrove Learning has been up to.


The students playing the Taiko drums!


Last week, we had a session at one of the schools and we had a huge blast of time playing drums! The Taiko drumming sessions were supposed to lead up to a performance at an old folks home but due to the unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to perform there due to the rising outbreak of a certain virus that will not be mentioned here as I am positive anyone or everyone should know what it is… so! Junyong (JY), had contacted a group to video and record the students Taiko drumming performance and make it into somewhat of a music video! Or is it a Taiko music video?


During their break, they are still practicing!


Anyhow, leading up to the video recording of the students doing the Taiko drumming, we had a short 2 weeks training which consisted of 2 hours per session to practice. For the Taiko drum music video itself, the students were given a choice by JY… to either stick to mastering the song they know or test their limits and try to learn a brand-new song. Contrary to our expectations, they stuck to their guns as when JY showed them a demonstration of the song, they were mesmerised and thus, had chosen to learn the new song instead. It was an arduous task for the students to pick up the new Taiko drum song, but nonetheless, the students persevered and when the day came, all of them were excited, quaking in their shoes.


Walking into the practice room and seeing all the recording equipment setup, they were excited, eyes sparkling with enthusiasm. Before the recording for the Taiko music video began, they had a short time to breathe as they had another 2 hours of training before the recording commenced. The students hard work, their sweat and tears finally got them to the point that the students could perform the Taiko song decently well. When everything was done and dusted, they managed to pull through and they each had a smile to their faces.


Students being recorded for their Taiko music video!


And seeing these smiles is what keeps Mangrove Learning going, striving to improve and show them that Taiko drumming is fun and an activity that can make people bond, make others happy and be filled with joy. So, don’t hesitate to make that first step in contacting us, who knows whether you might be able to find a meaningful lesson through Taiko drumming?

~ Daiki [sales@mangrovelearning.com]