Daiki and Preschool

Hello everyone! It’s your favourite taiko drum Daiki again! 


This week, Daiki wants to share with you what Daiki and Daiki’s friends have been doing!


All of Daiki’s friends have been branching out our roots to the jewels of our future, the preschool sector! We have begun to more earnestly invest in teaching the children on the moral values and the life skills that children can pick up and learn from. More specifically, they can learn leadership, teamwork and patience while playing the taiko drums! And what better way than to learn these values while also having fun and also breaking a sweat?



Instructor Alif taking turns appointing students to lead the class!



The students were very participative and really enjoyed drumming too! Not only does my friend Alif teach, he also comes up with suitable lessons for the children so they can learn more via the different areas of importance such as discovering the world through taiko drumming which originated from Japan and also numeracy through the repetitive counting while playing the taiko drums!



Alif getting the students ready to play the taiko drums!

The children really loved playing the taiko drums and not only that, the energy and vibe given off by Alif made even Daiki dance to the beat and also be immersed in the lesson! There were even other interesting activities that the children and Alif did, they were playing games with the taiko drums and also learning more about the taiko drums.



Alif teaching the rich history about the Taiko drum!



So what are you waiting for? You can even learn taiko drumming together with your children! Contact my friends further if you are interested in exploring different ways of teaching and learning together with your children!


~ Daiki [sales@mangrovelearning.com]