Taiko Drumming And Health

Hullo everyone!

It’s your favourite taiko drum, Daiki! This week, Daiki wants to share with all his friends what Daiki has been up to!


Last week, Daiki joined an online lesson due to the rising covid-19 cases, my friend, Junyong (JY), held the class via a zoom call and we were joined by our friends! Alif also dropped in to join the class and when the class began, it was no different than a physical class as the participation of the participants and the energy that was given off was so positive! I think that through the hardship we face as a country, it has made us grow and adapt better to such circumstances!




JY attending a taiko drumming session!



Sadly there were not any proper pictures taken fro last week’s online lesson. This week hopefully some phots will be provided on the Facebook page! Other than the online class, Daiki has read up more about the benefits of taiko drumming and it has a surprisingly significant amount of social value for those that are experiencing stress or tension in their daily lives. It has stated to improved a person’s wellbeing and their psyche!



Participants getting ready to play the taiko drums!



Hopefully by the end of this Circuit Breaker (CB), Daiki and friends will be able to go back to teaching and having fun with our participant as the lack of physically teaching and guiding is and feels more different when done online as we won’t be able to physically check on progress, to amend posture, etc.


When the CB is over and you are interested in applying for some of our classes, be it with friends or family, do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call!


~ Daiki [sales@mangrovelearning.com]