Daiki and E-Book!

Hi everyone, as per usual it’s your favourite taiko drum, Daiki! This week I want to talk about what Daiki and friends have been doing! Recently, my friends at Mangrove Learning have been busy working from home doing a special project, to be more specific they have been writing an online e-book catering to a younger age group, namely; children!



Our collective e-book will be released in a single volume consisting of 4 books which basically are 4 chapters! For now I won’t be spoiling the book but we can talk about the characters involved in the e-book! In total for the first chapter, the main leading character will be… this is the exciting part! It will be me! I am the main character in the story! The first chapter will be called “The Story of Daiko – Courage Rhythm”. There will be non-stop action, drama, chaos! I’m just kidding, there will be lots of taiko drumming and also a lot of moral values that children can learn and keep with them forever! I’m already shaking in excitement before the e-book is even published!



My name is Daiki and I love Taiko drumming!


The other characters involved will be Daimei, a shime drum, Miss Sakura, the teacher that is in charge of us! Daimei is a very prideful classmate of mine while Miss Sakura is a caring and loving teacher to her students, like how a mother is! Excited? Me too! Because I will be in the book so I am happy I get some screen time! Want to learn more about the e-book or about us? Check us out on our social media sites; Twitter, Facebook or Instagram under School Of Daiko or @schoolofdaiko! We can also be contactable via email! Thanks for always coming by and reading my posts!


~ Daiki [sales@mangrovelearning.com]