Spice Up Your Life!

Need a little spice in your life? Feeling lost and down under and not sure where to go with your career or life path? Join me, Alif Irwan, Programme Coordinator of Mangrove Learning, as I take you on a tour around Mangrove Learning and also Taiko drumming.




Junyong teaching how to play the Green Taiko drums


Our company’s Managing Director (M.D) Junyong, first had a spark of  inspiration and admiration towards Taiko drumming as it opened up a  path for him, it woke him up, kind of like an epiphany, where it made  and molded him into who he is today. Mangrove Learning was founded  in 2007 becoming a reality for his dream. For some of us, it was that  vision of his that attracted us and compelled us to join him.

For me, I take pride in being somebody that educates, no matter what  form of education or information, all to broaden the minds of the  generations that come after. I find that being an instructor for  Mangrove Learning is something that I thoroughly enjoy as not only I see it as a job, I see it as something I much more. To be able to teach  Taiko drumming itself is truly a marvel, it helped me open my eyes and  appreciate sound and music so much more as not only is it refreshing to play the Taiko drums with the bachi but it is so alleviating to people that has a stressed life, like me. For starters as a person, I was someone who  did not know what to do with my life, right after National Service, I was  downtrodden, out of luck in furthering my studies.



Overview of the participants



Spending time working in the Food and Beverage line, I wound up at Mangrove Learning, where I get to demonstrate my passion in  teaching and guiding others. If you are looking for an activity that would take your mind off the stressful things in life, I gladly recommend coming to us at Mangrove Learning, where you can beat away at the Taiko drums and enjoy your time here, bring along friends too as doing it together with your friends make it so much more enjoyable plus, you will work out a sweat while drumming!


Participants having fun drumming away!


Here at Mangrove Learning we believe that Taiko drumming will bring out the best in a person, so come on down, give us a ring, shoot an email at us, who knows, maybe like the people here, you would find what you are looking for!

~ Alif Irwan [sales@mangrovelearning]