Welcome to Mangrove Learning!

A warm welcome to Mangrove Learning!

I founded School of Daiko on 28th Nov 2007, back then I was only 17 years old. The very first item that I sold was a Taiko Music CD from renowned KODO (Japanese Taiko Group) that I bought from HMV! I made a little profit on SGD$5, it was a small amount but it shows me that I could turn my passion TAIKO DRUMMING into my career. Since then I started doing more, providing Taiko Performance to event companies and later into Taiko training.

2011 was a turning point for School of Daiko as I restructure the enterprise and lead it toward a social enterprise model, Mangrove Learning. Our very first engagement was conducting Taiko4Youths (a programme for youth-at-risk) and since our establishment, we branched out our more programme to engage other vulnerable groups such as seniors with dementia and special needs. As a self-sustain social enterprise, we also conduct commercial programme such as such as Taiko4Team (Team-building) and Taiko4Kids (Pre-schooler) for corporate and school clients respectively. Lately, we are also being invited to conduct talks and training on social entrepreneurship and leadership.

Be it a Taiko enthusiast that is looking for regular Taiko training, a special needs parents looking for music & arts programme for your children or corporate clients looking for interesting ideas for company’s function or team-building training. we look forward to working with you and your organisation! Please feel free to contact us for your enquiry!

~ Junyong [junyong@mangrovelearning]