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Rhythm of Courage – Book 1 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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The story begins in the School Of Daiko, where it is surrounded by beautiful pink cherry blossoms, bright green grass and the wild deers and rabbits that are friends to the students.

This is Daiki, a slow learner with little confidence in himself.  His classmate Daimei, is always making fun of Daiki because of his shortcoming.

How will Daiki find his confidence?  Will Daiki ever find confidence in himself? Will Daimei be friendlier to Daiki? Download Book 1 to find out more!

*The eBook is recommended to open with Apple Book (ISO) & Bookshelf (Android OS). Other book readers may not be able to open the interactive features in the ebook.



Our collective ebook will be released in a single volume consisting of 4 books that share the story of Daiki, Daimei and Miss Sakura in the School Of Daiko. It is a series of ebook that combines value-based story and learning of Taiko drums rhythm all in one!

There will be lots of taiko drumming and also a lot of moral values that children can learn and keep with them forever! Daiki, a low self-esteem student that suffered from learning difficulties in school and with the help of his teacher Miss Sakura and his playful friend Daimei. Check out how Daiki transformed his self-confidence and relationship with his classmates!

Readers are also expected to learn a Taiko piece that is specially composed for this series of books, Rhythm Of Courage.

So what are you waiting for? Jump right into the world of School Of Daiko and Daiki’s world!

Subsequent ebooks will be released on a monthly basis.